Tip of the Day!


Does it seem like everyone is talking about MCT oil?

What is it and what is the hype about?

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called "medium-chain triglycerides". MCT molecules are smaller than most of the common fats consumed, making them easier to digest and absorb into the bloodstream. This provides your body energy faster.

MCT oil is usually made from coconut oil that has been through a process to take out the concentrated fats.

Why take MCT oils in? The main reasons are; weight loss-appetite control-energy-reduce inflamation-ketone production-heart disease control and more.

Of course, check with your doctor if you are under care.

How should you take this supplement? You can start with one teaspoon per day into your coffee, smoothie, or salad dressing. You can increase up to one tablespoon per day when you feel your body is adjusting.

I have tried several and below you can click the link to find the one that I trust the most!

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